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We Help Students:

  • Do your best on tests
  • Earn higher grades
  • Learn test-taking techniques from a Columbia University alum
  • Use strategies to earn points developed over 2 decades of tutoring experience
  • Study step-by-step video answer explanations on courses 

Get Challenged or Catch-up

  • Learn test-taking strategies not taught by teachers
  • Learn a blueprint for how to study for standardized tests

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"After learning from Sam, I got a 96 on my Regents."

- Dylan M

I'm Sam the Tutor

Sam is our primary tutor. His first paid job was tutoring a fellow student at the NYC Lab School for the geometry Regents. He has continued to tutor students ever since. Tutoring through college helped support Sam as an undergrad at Columbia University. He then established a full-time tutoring practice after graduating in ‘07.

NYC Lab High School

As a high school student, Sam was chosen by his teachers to tutor his peers. This developed into his first tutoring sessions after school.

NYU Medical Center

Beginning as a sophomore in high school, Sam designed & performed experiments in infectious disease as a member of the Department of Medicine Chairman's lab.

Columbia University

Sam continued to tutor students and conduct research as a premed biology major.

Full-Time Tutoring Practice

In 2007, Sam began running his tutoring practice providing test-prep classes and subject tutoring session to schools and students full-time.

Subject Tutoring

We help elementary, middle, and high school students improve their grades in school through bespoke, one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Test Prep

We prepare students for all standardized tests they encounter including the G&T, ISEE, SSAT, CTY, SHSAT, TACHS, Regents, SAT, ACT, SAT IIs, and AP exams.


Tutoring Yorkville

As a lifelong New Yorker raised in Yorkville, it’s easy to say with confidence that Yorkville is one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family. Public schools in the area include Lower Lab, PS 527, East Side Middle, Wagner, and Eleanor Roosevelt among others. Local private schools include Dalton, Trevor, Spence, Birch, Chaplin, and Brearly. Tutoring in this neighborhood with such a high density of reputable schools has afforded me the opportunity to familiarize myself with their curriculums and teachers so I can better serve my local students. 

While it’s easy to find a tutor in NYC, it’s harder to find one that can effectively support your child. Few tutors are experts at the craft of tutoring. For most, it’s a part-time gig they they’ve recently picked up on-and-off. For me, it’s a full-time practice that I’ve been pursuing for the last two decades. It’s actually quite easy to find someone that knows the material, but the challenge is finding someone that has the subject matter expertise and is also able to communicate that knowledge effectively to a student that will find it relatable while engendering a sense of trust so that students are comfortable asking questions and making mistakes. 

Yorkville families are a pleasant combination of hospitable—by NYC standards—and savvy with active students who swim and play soccer at Asphalt Green and Randall’s Island. Kids here grow up taking the slow way home from school among friends, eating mediocre pizza, riding along the East River esplanade, and playing basketball behind Lab school. Yorkville is one of the last neighborhoods in Manhattan still holding on to its authenticity among the changes. It’s a pleasure tutoring students here.