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Regents Exam Tutor

Regents Exam Tutor courses are all taught by Sam. His first paid job was tutoring a fellow student at the NYC Lab School for the geometry Regents. He has continued to tutor students ever since. Tutoring through college helped support Sam as an undergrad at Columbia University. He then established a full-time tutoring practice after graduating in ‘07.

Why Regents Exam Tutor?


This is the only comprehensive Regents prep course with step-by-step video answers and explanations to all of the questions on the latest Regents exams. I asked myself: what would the best Regents prep course look like, and used my 2 decades of full-time tutoring experience to build it.

It’s highly visual, organized by released tests & by subject units, and it won’t put you to sleep.


NYU Medical Center

Beginning as a sophomore in high school, Sam designed and performed experiments in infectious disease as a member of the lab of Department of Medicine Chairman Martin J. Blaser, MD..

Columbia University

Sam continued to tutor students and conduct research as a premed biology major.

Full-Time Tutoring Practice

While Sam first started tutoring in high school, in 2007, Sam began running his tutoring practice providing test-prep classes and subject tutoring session to schools and students full-time.


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